Do you want to invest in a simple and profitable activity ?
You wish to integrate an innovative service to your insdustrial site ?

Discover 5 reasons to invest in a Rapid’Béton dispenser.
An innovative, customer-oriented concept

Concrete is the most widely used manufactured material in the world !

Among its users, SMEs are obligated to obtain supplies from concrete plants that were not designed for their needs : booking obligation, delays, variable quality. Private individuals, on the other hand, are faced with high handling times (purchase of materials, rental of concrete mixers, etc.), quality problems and risks of injury.

Rapid’Béton answers a real need of private individuals ans SMEs : to get quickly and easily concrete and materials.

The dispenser is entirely designed to satisfy as closely as possible the needs of your customers:

  • Non-stop opening
  • Time saving on construction site
  • Professional quality concrete in self-service
  • Possibility of purchase without a financial guarantee
  • Easy loadind of all types of vehicles with the moving delivery chute
  • Easy distribution and placing with the Rapid’Bag
A profitable business in the short term

Rapid’Béton proposes the purchase or the renting of the distributors. With a business plan and operating instructions drawn up by us, the profitability of your distributor is guaranteed. Contact us directly to know more about your future investment project.

A dispenser simple to operate

The installation, adapted to the city, occupies only 66 m². The operation of your concrete dipenser, similar to a petrol station, does not require any qualifications in concrete production.

  • Assistance to the acquisition of the building permit and the ICPE (Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment) authorization
  • Management of the installation handled by Rapid’Béton
  • Accompaniment to the maintenance : half a day per week
  • No customer account: 0 cash advance, 0 risk of non-payment
  • Few supplier accounts: water, electricity
A support for procurement

By integrating the Rapid’Béton network, you benefit from an accompaniment for the supply of materials: cement, sand and gravel. We make you benefit from our expertise to optimise the operation and profitability of your distributor.

An assured communication

Belonging to the Rapid’Beton network means benefiting from a dynamic national communication plan. Local communication kits are also provided.

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